Irfan Sumbul London respects your privacy and makes sure you feel safe while browsing through our latest products and news.  

This privacy policy talks about how we collect your personal information, how and where we use it, your rights and choices regarding your personal information, and how to contact us with concerns over the matter when you access our website 

By providing you with an understanding of how our privacy policy works, we can offer you a better service.  

What information do we collect? 

  • Contact information like your name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.  
  • IP address (in case of website chat) and device identifier (the device you are browsing our website on) 
  • Your demographic information like your age, gender, etc.  
  • Payment information like your card number, expiration date, delivery, and billing address 
  • Verification information like OTP and authentication information 
  • Online activity information like the browser you are using to access our website 


When do we collect your personal information? 

  • When you sign up for our newsletters, or fill out an application on our website 
  • When you leave a review on our website 
  • When you register to any of our programs 
  • When you place an order directly from our website  
  • When you engage with us on social media 
  • When you engage with us at one of our events 
  • When you interact with us through the “contact us” 
  • When you interact with our customer service team 

Information we collect automatically  

When you browse through our pages, we may use tracking technology like cookies to collect information automatically.  

Why do we collect your personal information? 

Your personal information is collected to update you with the latest announcements, upcoming events, contests, and special offers through emails, newsletters, SMS, or other communication means, and other purposes like: 

  • To process payments and create or manage an account 
  • To analyze your personal information like location, age, time zone, IP address, URL, and other affiliations and partners 
  • To provide you with interest-based or behavioral advertising to ensure you are provided with information about products you have shown interest in 
  • To interact with you and provide you with a better service by responding to your queries and/or complaints 
  • To optimise, manage, improve, administer, and ensure the security of our site and our products 
  • To detect and prevent fraud against our brand 
  • To personalize your digital experience to show you things that are more of interest to you  

When do we disclose personal information? 

Irfan Sumbul London will only disclose your personal information when we are going under a contract, to verify your identity, to pursue our legitimate interests, or to protect your interests.  

We may only share your personal information with our affiliates, with third parties for marketing purposes, and with our service providers. We may also disclose your personal information with your consent.  

What are your rights to your personal information? 

We respect your concern for your personal information, and you can simply decline to share it with us when asked to provide personal information. You also have access to your information, and we will identify if it’s you through security checkups. You can ask us to update, correct, or delete your personal information.  

Protecting your personal information  

We protect any personal information collected on our site from any unauthorized access, use, and disclosure through encryption, security policies, access controls, etc.  

How to contact us over concerns? 

For any comments, questions, or concerns over our privacy policy or the collection of your personal information, please contact: 

Our website may contain advertisements or links to other websites. We do not share your personal information with them, but if you wish to, make sure you learn about their privacy policies.