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 Irfan Sumbul, born in Turkey, is the founder of Choppy Cut, Nazra Beauty, and Irfan Sumbul London. He started off his career in hairdressing with over 30 years of experience and knowledge.

From the age of 12, he has worked at a hair salon in Turkey, alongside his studies. He then moved to London at the age of 18. Falling in love with Londons’ multi-culture and being the heart of fashion gave him a glimpse of what he could add to his profession, and he later found interest in other areas such as makeup and fashion. Irfan studied at the London College of Fashion, graduating with a degree in hot couture and bridal wear. He has always had an eye for beauty and has developed his skills to deliver head-to-toe transformations. From creative fashion shows to leading fashion trends on his social media, Irfan’s growing passion for makeup was the next step in creating the beauty brand Irfan Sumbul London. The launch of Irfan Sumbul London is a step closer to ‘shaping the world of makeup’ with an innovative approach to beauty. The brand strongly believes in the inclusivity of everyone who shares the same love for make-up as Irfan does.

The idea behind creating the brand has come from Irfan’s personal experience as a makeup artist. He worked with an immaculate eye for detail to innovate products that worked effortlessly for anyone using them regardless of their experience and knowledge in makeup. The products are crafted to give professional results in the comfort of your own space. As someone who loves to challenge his creative mind and skills, Irfan knows he can make a remarkable change in the makeup industry and knows there is always something new to learn and create. As much as he wants to create makeup in his own vision, he aims to guide many of those who aspire to be a makeup artists through his masterclasses.

Through years of my dedicated and professional work, I have come to realize makeup isn’t so much the glamour and looks – it’s more a window into creativity and inner beauty. With the power of these two, anyone can shape the world of makeup.

irfan sumbul

The making of


Irfan has graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion where he studied fashion design. He went on to work with Hot Couture as a fashion designer after finishing his studies. After that, he began his career as a hairstylist. He felt he could do more in the make-up industry after working in the fashion and beauty industries. He was trained by an Italian make-up artist, with whom he began working and gradually improved his skills.

Following his hairdressing career and the successful launch of this beauty salon in Enfield, his interest in makeup grew due to his eloquent, innovative mind and passion. His passion for hairdressing led him to make-up, where he quickly established himself as a leading expert in the UK.